Vets IT Employment Program

  1. We are motivated to target former service men and women with well-paying career opportunities comes from our experience of more than two decades of service.
  2. We look to the Transition Assistance Programs at military bases and stations across the US for service members who are leaving the military for civilian employment opportunities.
  3. Our goal is to leverage the traits and attributes that served them so well in service to our nation as they shift their focus to supporting today’s mission-critical IT business functions.

What is the Transition Assistance Program (“TAP”)?

The Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides job assistance and separation counseling services for soldiers and their families during the transition away from active service. TAP services are provided on military installations by Transition Assistance Officers. On Army installations TAP services are delivered through Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) centers. TAP initiatives include transition information and counseling for pre-separation, employment assistance, relocation, education and training, health and life insurance, finances, Reserve affiliation, disabled Veterans, and retirement.

Working as a Team

Our team of experts in recruiting and job placement will work one-on-one with each applicant to insure that we find the right fit. With support and assistance from Nationwide IT recruiting firms, our staff is eager to help deliver the perfect match for both our applicants and our clients.