• Unified Communications

    Since the corporate landscape is becoming increasingly mobile, we are seeing workers collaborate across a growing range of devices. We enable organizations to implement an agile and secure Unified Communications (UC) infrastructure in order to support its users through our technology partners and vendors.

  • Managed Wireless

    The trend towards wireless is continually increasing. Being able to secure and managed the wireless infrastructure on a corporate campus and remote locations is critical. Through our technology partners we are able to provide the leading solutions in this growing sector of technology.

  • Cloud Connectivity

    Companies across the globe are leveraging one of the greatest technological shifts of our lifetime—cloud computing. Whether you are connecting your organization to a public, private or hybrid cloud, the type of connection you utilize can have a huge impact not only on security and performance, but also cost. We have relationships will all the major carriers, especially the ones with “direct connections” to the major cloud providers so we can reduce complexity and lower costs.

  • Telecommunications

    We have contracts and relationships with all the major carriers to focus the conversation on your needs as a customer versus having to push a particular telecom carrier. We can provide options from multiple carriers at the best pricing available and help guide you in selecting the best solution for your given situation.

  • Smart Cities

    We have the ability to help you leverage “Smart Cities” technologies—an initiative from Cisco Systems focused on enabling the efficient utilization of resources such as power, cooling and heating. It also focuses on renewable energies such as solar power that not only drives cost savings but also improves our planet.

  • IT Staffing

    We have the connections and resources to source talent throughout the US for short or long-term staffing opportunities.

  • Field Technical Support

    We have the ability to augment the field technicians in companies deploying and servicing technology solutions. Due to seasonal peaks and valleys it can make sense to augment your team with our field technicians to avoid the fluctuations in Full-Time Employee (FTE) headcount requirements. This increases employee retention due to a feeling of job security for your FTEs and ultimately lowers costs to companies utilizing our services.

Working to together to build a better tomorrow

Vets IT core philosophy and vision is to provide each client with individualized solutions that caters to the short-term as well as long-term needs of our clients.

Our team will assess, evaluate and brainstorm with key management and staff to understand the needs and desires of our client. It is only after extensive due diligence will our team of experts design and develop a custom made IT program for you.

Whether your needs are personnel, hardware, software, training or implementation… We have the solution for you. With our industry leading strategic partners, our team is positioned to assist you with any IT issues.


Staffing and Consulting Services

Our IT staffing and consulting resource team is ready to assist you with talented, proven and seasoned experts to tackle all your staffing needs.

Temporary, permanent, contract, part-time or full-time, Vets IT is the turn key company that can staff your needs with the top talent in your region and area.

Hardware and Software Services

Our Implementation team has over 20+ years of experience combined to provided our clients with both hardware and software set up and training.

With industry leaders as partners, Vets IT is geared to design, plan and train both internal and external users with the latest tools to improve our client’s IT efficiency.